Triple Birthday Celebrations!

Turns out that we have three May babies in our lab!

We celebrated the birthdays of Wee Wei, Meisheng and Benjamin by surprising them with a cake after lab meeting. Turns out cake and meetings make a good pairing!

Here's wishing them a good year ahead with many good publications to come!

Welcoming Dr Dennis Tan!

We have another new member in our lab, this brings our total headcount to 10 strong!

Dr Dennis Tan has just returned to Singapore upon completing his PhD at University of Western Australia under the supervision of Prof. Ryan Lister. He specialises in techniques involving NGS and sequence targeting using Crispr/Cas9.

Dr Tan is a self professed Gamer and Gym-rat. His latest console is a PS4.

Welcoming Dr Lau Kah Weng!

We have a new member in our lab!

Dr Lau Kah Weng is an MD/PhD Research Clinician who specialises in Lung Cancer Pathology.
He is also an associate consultant with the Department of Anatomical Pathology, SGH. In the Tee lab, Dr Lau will be looking into epigenetics in lung tumours.

He is an avid photographer and an early riser! We're very excited to welcome him into the Tee Lab.