Lots of students this coming year!

The start of the new university calendar year after the end of the summer has brought to the WWT lab lots of fresh faces and a familiar one!

We welcome back Justin Tan from his 6 month Student Exchange Programme to Ankara, Turkey to do his FYP in the WWT Lab. He will continue working with Dr Lau Mei Sheng as his mentor.

We are also welcoming 2 new students from NUS!

First up is Zuo Heng, a Year 2 Pharmacy student who will be working on an 8MC UROPS project attached to Dr Lau Kah Weng.

Next, we have Joshua Lam, a Year 1 Life Science student who will be attached to Dr Chung Hwa Hwa to work on his project.

A very warm welcome to all our new students!